Red Wave Just Broke Over Pelosi’s Washington – Capitol Hill Aides Admit 2022 Election Will Knock Gavel Away From Nancy

Democrats have wasted the first half of the year trying to push a radical agenda. But their time is running out.

Just next year, Americans will have a chance to decide who will really run Congress. And Pelosi has a big problem.

She is just a few losses from saying goodbye to the speaker seat. Probably for good.

And the more Democrats push a toxic agenda, the more voters are going to strike back.

Even Capitol Hill aides are admitting what we all are predicting.

From Breitbart:

Nearly three-quarters of senior Capitol Hill aides believe Republicans will take back control of the House majority during the 2022 midterm elections.

Punchbowl News’ survey of senior Capitol Hill aides, the Canvass, revealed 73 percent think Republicans will take the speaker’s gavel from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

A large majority of D.C. aides don’t think Democrats will hold onto the House for much longer.

They think that Republicans will be able to retake the lower chamber and remove old Nance from the speakership.

Let’s not forget that Democrats lost seats in 2020, while Republicans gained seats. Democrats have a razor-thin majority, one that can easily be overtaken by conservatives.

On top of that, many Democrats will not be seeking re-election. Republicans are breaking fundraising records. And Joe Biden continues to fail again and again.

Voters are seeing the light in droves. Democrats have contributed to inflation, rising gas prices, a workers’ shortage, and exploding border.

Even the swamp’s rank and file can see the writing on the wall. Pelosi has done little to convince voters to keep her on as speaker.

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She has bowed to the progressive left and their radical demands. She has refused to cooperate with Republicans.

At every opportunity, she bashes conservatives and the people they represent.

And let’s not forget how she broke her state’s own lockdown rules to get her hair done.

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