Red Wave Just Crashed On President Biden – 38 Republicans Order Joe To Take A Cognitive Test Right Away

If you’ve been following this “presidency” for any amount of time, you’ve seen numerous troubling videos. There seems to be no end of clips that reveal Joe Biden’s wits have left him.

He mumbles, easily gets confused, flubs his pre-written speeches, and has trouble remembering anything. Even when he is coherent, he comes off as tired, uninterested, or grumpy.

Hey Joe, stop squinting at the teleprompter!

But all these disturbing clips appear to be catching up with Biden. Many Americans have demanded answers to his possible mental decline. Now a large group of Republicans is petitioning the White House to do something about it.

From NY Post:

Dozens of Republican lawmakers are once again calling for President Biden to take a cognitive test, urging him to “follow the example set by former President Trump.”

The 38 Republicans, led by Trump’s former White House doctor, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Md.), sent a letter to the president on Tuesday “express[ing] concern with your current cognitive state” and asking the 79-year-old to take the test.

Nearly 40 Republican lawmakers wrote to the White House, calling on Biden to take a cognitive test. They pointed to the fact that Donald Trump took one and had no problem proving his mental fitness (Democrats had previously claimed he was unfit for office). The letter also points out that, although Biden had a physical exam on November 19, 2021, any cognitive test given was kept from the public.

The letter was spearheaded by former White House physician Ronny Jackson. He worked for both Obama and Trump and has frequently expressed concerns over Biden’s mental health. So far, Democrats have ignored calls by Jackson and others to Biden to prove his mental ability. But his performance continues to decline, lending heavyweight to the suspicion that his health is failing.

For Democrats to not even acknowledge this is cruel. They see what we all see. If Biden was fine, why not let him take the test? But if he isn’t fine—and they know it—keeping him in office is unjust and cruel. Not only for him but for the country that is depending on him.

Imagine that. Democrats are forcing a sick man to stay in office, just so they won’t admit they were wrong. Such a thing could be considered elder abuse and worse. But if they do subject him to a test and he fails, the party would suffer even more in the midterms.

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