Red Wave Swamps Garden State Election – Democrat Sweeney Concedes In Major Senate Upset To GOP Truck Driver Durr

For much of 2021, Republicans have been talking about potential “red waves” in coming elections, due mostly to tumbling approval numbers for the Joe Biden administration.

Several of those red waves struck in November, as Democrats lost their grip on multiple leftist strongholds. This included Virginia, a state that hadn’t seen a Democrat governor in 12 years.

But now, the GOP surge has hit yet another state.

This time it happened in the Garden State of New Jersey, where Senate President Steve Sweeney was expected to easily defeat GOP challenger Edward Durr.

Prior to the election, most left-wing politicians in the state believed Durr didn’t have much of a chance against Sweeney. It didn’t seem to help Durr’s case that he spent so little on his campaign (about $2,300).

On the flip side, Sweeney spent over $300,000 on his bid, and the traditionally Blue state of New Jersey was expected to respond.

But it didn’t happen — and the upset is now official.

And in the end, even Sweeney had to admit that the red wave is very real, as he becomes yet another powerful Democrat to fall under the weight of the Republican upswing.

Via The Daily Wire:

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney conceded his race on Wednesday, acknowledging GOP challenger Edward Durr as one of New Jersey’s newest state senators.

‘It was a red wave,’ Sweeney said at a Wednesday press conference when asked how Durr, a truck driver and political newcomer, beat the second most powerful politician in the state, according to the Associated Press.

That red wave almost cost Democratic Governor Phil Murphy his job as well.

His race against a GOP candidate came down to the wire, which also wasn’t supposed to happen. It just didn’t seem possible that any Republican could get such a foothold in New Jersey.

However, the results are clear, and Sweeney has finally accepted those results.

He then congratulated Durr on his victory, and thanked the citizens of New Jersey, saying it was “an honor and privilege to represent them in the state Senate.”

Primary topics of concern may have hurt these Democrat leaders in the run-up to Election Day. This includes Critical Race Theory and other far-left issues that are evidently starting to lose steam.

As for Durr, he’s gaining notoriety for being the “Republican trucker” that took down a top-rung Democrat.

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Durr said he and Sweeney had spoken on the phone, and he didn’t mind that Sweeney had taken time to concede. He also said their “political differences do not extent to personal differences.”

This is only one example of “red wave” elections that cost Democrats their positions around the country.

And even some leftist leaders in Washington are warning the party: if they continue to push farther left, they’re only going to damage their chances of maintaining control of D.C.

Indeed, most GOP members are eying a major shift in next year’s midterm elections. And the red wave could reach all the way into 2024, too.

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