Rep. Crenshaw Eviscerates Biden Says “He Is Building The Taliban Back Better” Not America

Appearing on Fox News Tuesday, Rep. Dan Cresnshaw eviscerated President Biden, saying he is “building the Taliban back better.”

“Every time you think of something you shouldn’t do that’s exactly what he does. He is building the Taliban back much better. That’s exactly what he has done,” Crenshaw said. He is not building America back better.”

“You know what the House has been working on all week – what Pelosi has been putting on the floor – is giant inflation-driving spending bills. $3.5 trillion, which is actually closer to really $6 trillion if the math is done correctly as well as that $1 trillion of infrastructure spending. That’s what they’re talking about right now,” the Texas Republican continued.

“I never thought I would see our American military; our country acting this way,” he later added “We don’t run from these people. We make our own timelines and those timelines should be based on getting our people out in a timely manner. And it’s over when we say it’s over. If they don’t like that, then too bad. We will kill you.”

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