Rep. Greene Accuses “Media Mob” Critics Of Writing “Nasty Hate Pieces” About Her Because “MTG Helps Their Ratings”

Friday, Rep. Greene (R-GA) accused critics of writing “nasty hate pieces” about her in order to boost their ratings.

Greene wrote:

The Democrat activist media mob just love writing & reporting non-stop nasty hate pieces about me bc MTG helps their ratings and makes them $$$.

This is how these sickos make a paycheck.

Half of you people are addicted to hating me bc of their lies.

They make $ off your hate.

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She later shared a report from Rasmussen and added:

This 100% accurate. Within seconds I always receive huge amounts of vicious comments.

@Twitter should stop all Astroturfing the same way they censor and ban conservatives.

Protect real life #FreeSpeech not fake bots.

Rasmussen had tweeted:

Do Astroturf Clients Believe Pew Research?

Any @Twitter item either ‘Liked’ or ‘Retweeted’ by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
@mtgreenee is immediately bombarded by Astroturf Twitter Trolls.

But do their clients trust the work of @pewresearch & do any cost/benefit analysis at all?


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