Report: Biden Might Release Funds To The Taliban – Joe Allegedly Will Un-Freeze Afghan Government Assets

After Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, the Biden administration came under intense scrutiny. Republican leaders especially had lots of questions.

The evacuation process was atop the list for some time, and leaving military equipment behind met with plenty of criticism as well.

Now, President Biden is reportedly considering another very controversial move.

Currently, the Taliban doesn’t have access to Afghan government assets in American banks.

The World Bank and International Monetary Funds (IMF) have also banned the organization from accessing any funds that belong to the Afghan government.

The problem is, the official government of the country crumbled when the Taliban took over.

And for the time being, no country has officially recognized the terrorist group as the new “government” of Afghanistan. And it isn’t likely to happen soon.

Despite this, though, it seems Biden wants to release funds to the country in question.

Via Breitbart:

The Afghan news agency Khaama Press, citing the BBC, reported on Tuesday that the administration of President Joe Biden may soon unfreeze Afghan government assets, allowing the Taliban to access them, in the name of helping the impoverished people of the country.

The idea is that the money would go toward humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, as that’s a definite concern.

The United Nations recently warned that famine could be right around the corner, and many continue to worry about possible Taliban-related crimes.

A U.S. official said the Biden administration is thinking about easing financial restrictions on the country:

The source has said that the US administration has held a meeting in which easing sanctions on Afghanistan has been discussed in order to allow international aid organizations to deliver humanitarian aids to Afghanistan.

This was an anonymous report, but it does appear to verify what State Department spokesman Ted Price said this week.

Price said that America is now the “global leader in providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.”

We’ve already provided nearly $475 million to the country in 2021 so far, and now that number could continue to rise.

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However, despite the humanitarian claims, it’s important to remember that the Taliban are in charge. They’re the ones handling any incoming funds.

Critics will quickly question whether or not all these funds will go to the right people.

Essentially, it means we’re releasing lots of funds to an organization that has been one of America’s most dangerous enemies in the past century.

And that’s going to be a sticking point for the Biden administration, which already faces record low polling.

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