Republican Leaders Just Requested To Secede – They Want Maryland Counties To Leave And Join West Virginia

The D.C. swamp infests more than just our federal government. Career politicians and government officials who work in Washington, don’t bother to live there. They instead live in the states nearby, influencing the local politics, and not for the better.

We’ve seen how the swamp has turned Virginia into Neo-San Francisco. But the once-proud state of Maryland is also overwhelmed by leftist politics. Despite this, there are many Republicans who live there. And they want to be free from the shackles of liberalism. So, a group of their lawmakers has an idea: break away from the rest of the state.

From Daily Wire:

Several Republican state legislators have requested permission for their counties to secede from Maryland and join West Virginia, arguing that “it would be beneficial for both our states and for our local constituencies.”…

“We believe this arrangement may be mutually beneficial for both states and for our local constituencies. Please advise on next steps,” the letters said.

Republican state lawmakers from Maryland have written to West Virginia, seeking a way to break their counties and join the conservative state. The counties represented by these lawmakers went for Trump big time in 2020, giving him 77%-59% victories.

But the rest of Maryland dragged them down, as Biden won the state with 65% of the vote.

It seems these conservative counties are chaffing against the far-left politics of the rest of the state. Seeing as how they are close to West Virginia, their plan is to break free and join them. This is not even the first time counties have wanted to secede their state to join WV.

Several Virginia counties tried to break away and join their western neighbor as well.

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But leaving one state to join another is easier said than done. The liberal majority in Maryland would in no way want it to happen. Losing those counties would mean losing seats in the House (as their overall population would go down). On top of that Maryland would be losing state tax revenue. Not to mention that fact it would be an embarrassing defeat for Maryland Democrats.

The fact that they are even discussing this, however, shows just how far Americans will go to be free from leftist tyranny. All over the country, we are seeing Americans grow sick and tired of Biden and his party’s radical socialist agenda.

From coast to coast, Americans are speaking out, pushing back, and chanting their distaste for the left. It’s only a matter of time before this movement hits the polls.

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