Republicans Demand Historic Punishment For Putin – They Want Biden to Strip Russia Of Its UN Security Seat

Russia continues to bombard Ukraine with mass movements of troops and shelling, and many world leaders continue to throw down sanctions and other punishments.

Much of the globe stands united behind Ukraine, which has proven problematic for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The results could be historic, too, with repercussions felt for decades.

And one possible penalty could change Russia’s fate forever.

While the United States and other countries have made moves to cripple Russia’s economy – such as refusing to back the Nord Stream 2 pipeline – some lawmakers want longer-lasting punishments.

For example, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has suggested that the pipeline sanctions be permanent, which would put a serious hurt on Russia’s financial prospects.

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Now, several more Republicans on Capitol Hill have floated a new idea, which would be a direct blow to Russia’s political standing. In fact, it could be one of the stiffest penalties ever thrown down.

Led by GOP Reps. Marsha Blackburn (TN) and Claudia Tenney (NY), Republicans want to strip Putin’s regime of a very important position.

From Fox News:

Several high-profile Republicans are introducing a joint resolution calling on President Biden to pressure the United Nations to strip Russia of its permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, which gives Moscow a veto over the council’s resolutions.

Sen. Blackburn said that after Russia’s act of war, which includes invading sovereign territory and killing innocent civilians, Russia “must be exiled from the international community.”

She added that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union, and now the country is “a direct threat to global security.

The Russian President has alluded to a return to Soviet days more than once, and many worry that his goals involve more than Ukraine. His threats against the West have only increased tensions.

And at this point, outside of Belarus, it doesn’t look like Putin has any allies right now.

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Added Sen. Tenney:

Russia is setting a new and dangerous precedent by abusing its role on the UN Security Council to shield itself from accountability for its blatantly illegal and unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country.

This resolution is certainly a tall order given the procedural hurdles it faces in the Security Council, but it does not mean Congress should back down.

Other GOP members on board include Sens. Kevin Cramer (N.D.), Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst (IA), Rick Scott (FL), and Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS).

Originally, the Soviet Union was included in the UN Security Council charter as one of the 5 permanent members.

After the country fell, Russia assumed that position, and many say this should never have happened. Now, given the escalating situation, it seems like a bad idea to allow Russia to hold any sort of international power.

However, it could prove difficult to remove Russia from the UN Security Council.

If it doesn’t happen, though, at least the West will have sent a strong message — they will continue to push for the harshest, longest-running penalties possible if Putin keeps attacking.

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