Republicans Find Concerning Item In Biden’s Bill – Joe Manchin’s Wife Just Got A Special Consideration In The Infrastructure Deal

Many people have voiced concerns about the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill.

While it was supposed to be a big win for the country, it might be loaded with poison and pork.

It seems like the massive bill, over 2700 pages long, won’t even be read by those who vote on it.

But those who are reading through the bill aren’t impressed. A major swing vote in the Senate is Joe Manchin.

His decisions can decide if a bill lives or dies. And, and guess what, this bill includes a massive earmark for his own wife.

From Breitbart:

The 2,700 pages of the so-called bipartisan “infrastructure” bill released Sunday night by Breitbart News show the commission Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) wife sits on will receive double the funding if passed, in a way to possibly ensure Manchin’s swing vote to secure the bill.

It seems that every crooked swamp dweller from D.C. has shoved their pet projects into this “infrastructure” bill.

Various RINOs were won over, because the bill will spend millions, if not billions, on their state.

And now, moderate Democrat Joe Manchin might have no choice but to sign off on this massive spending plan, because his wife’s program will cash in.

Biden made Manchin’s wife the co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The group is an “economic development partnership involving the federal government and 13 states.”

Now, what does this group have to do with infrastructure? We don’t know. But the bill will give it an additional $1 billion over the next four years.

Hmm… does that sound fishy to you? Call me crazy, but infrastructure means roads, bridges, airports, etc.

The money should be going to projects that will directly rebuild those things. So, why does a politically-driven board need billions of dollars?

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Shouldn’t this money be just sent to projects in the Appalachian Region? Not funneled through a group of yes-men appointed by crooked Joe?

And Manchin, who has previously voiced concerns about Biden’s spending, might automatically vote on this bill because it benefits his wife.

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