Republicans Give Democrats A 2022 Ultimatum – “You Got A Decision To Make” This Year: Retire Or Lose

2021 hasn’t been a banner year for the Democrat Party, if the polling is any indication. The Joe Biden administration has continued to spiral downward according to most recent surveys.

On top of that, Democrats are facing a gigantic turnaround in Washington in 2022: the GOP is already predicting a “red wave” that would flip both the House and Senate.

And now, Republican leaders are so confident that they’re sending a strong message to their left-wing counterparts.

The midterm elections are less than a year away now, and D.C. politicos are gearing up. Republican and Democrat politicos alike have already started campaigning for seats.

Unfortunately for one side, multiple major issues in 2021 have caused their chances to plummet in upcoming elections.

The ongoing pandemic, spiraling border crisis, Afghanistan ordeal, and skyrocketing inflation have all contributed to President Biden’s approval rating decline — which is now in the low 40s.

Vice President Kamala Harris has dipped below 30 percent according to some polls, and early surveys show Republican leaders ahead in many Congressional districts.

All this points in one direction, and Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) is telling Democrats that it’s time to make a choice.

Via The Hill:

I’ve been telling Democrats, especially Democrats in targeted seats, enjoy the holidays, and you got a decision to make: retire or lose next fall.

Emmer is the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and he’s bullish on the prospect of flipping the House in 2022.

And while he admits the red wave isn’t a sure thing, he did say that as many as 70 Democrats could lose their seats in 2022. It’s important to note that the GOP only needs a net gain of 5 seats to flip  the House.

Emmer added that “in this environment, no Democrat is safe.”

It’s typical for the party that controls the White House to lose seats in the midterm elections. Democrats took back control in 2018, for example, and the GOP flipped the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.

But this particular midterm election season might prove to be an even bigger disaster for left-wing politicians.

Not only have President Biden’s ratings declined, polls show that most Americans don’t like the direction the country is headed. And they also believe that Biden hasn’t appropriately addressed our biggest issues.

In this way, it appears everything is flowing one direction.

Said Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.):

I’m very confident that we’re gonna take back the House. I think that on the key issues right now, all the energy is on our side.

And when I look at all the polling data, it matches what I see in the district, voters are concerned about inflation, crime, the border, Afghanistan, and all those issues are in our favor.

Lastly, redistricting issues could impact Democrat chances as well, as Republicans have strengthened their edge in places like Texas and Georgia.

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Toss in the numerous retirements on the Democrat side, along with other left-wing Congressmen leaving to pursue state opportunities, and Republicans are definitely liking their chances next year.

At this point, it seems unlikely that Democrats will be able to retain control of the House.

They might lose their grip on the Senate as well, and then all that remains is the presidency. And again, if Biden’s numbers don’t improve dramatically, that could be another loss for the Blue team in 2024.

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