Republicans Sue As PA County Sent Hundreds Of Ballots To Wrong Address

According to a new report from The Philadelphia Enquirer, Delco, a county in Pennsylvania mailed 670 ballots to the wrong people.

Two Republican candidates are now suing ahead of the Tuesday election.

Per the report ‘In a petition filed in county court, the attorney, longtime Republican lawyer Michael Puppio, asked for an emergency hearing to determine the scope of the problem and possible remedies, arguing the mistakes have put “the integrity of the municipal election … at stake.”’

“After hearing nearly four hours of testimony Saturday, Common Please Court Judge Kelly Eckel gave both sides until Monday to file briefs.

Delaware County has acknowledged that 670 flawed absentee ballots were mailed to voters on Oct. 25; the mailing addresses did not match the voter information on the ballot inside, causing some people to receive another person’s ballot. If the recipient didn’t catch the mistake, filled out and returned the ballot, they might inadvertently prevent another voter from casting a vote,” the report adds.

Delaware County Director of Elections James Allen said “none of the mistakenly mailed ballots would be valid.”

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