Republicans Turn The Tables On Pelosi – GOP Shuts Down Nancy After She Linked Infrastructure Bill To Spending Bill

Democrats are obsessed with passing Biden’s toxic, $3.5 trillion spending plan this year. Because come 2022, they might not have the power to do so. Already that bill is in jeopardy, as moderate Democrats refuse to back in the Senate.

But now, Pelosi has another problem on her hands.

Numerous House members urged the Speaker to push the separate infrastructure bill on its own. This bill, which costs around $1.5 trillion, was supposed to be a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. But Pelosi won’t pass it unless it’s linked to the spending plan.

Now, Republicans are telling her, “No way.”

From Fox News:

As Democrats charge ahead with writing their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, which they aim to pass on a party-line vote through budget reconciliation, at least one moderate Republican is warning the bipartisan infrastructure bill may lose GOP votes because it’s too intertwined with the reconciliation bill…

“I think for honest, forthright fiscal conservatives, it’s hard to get excited about the trillion dollar deal if in any way it makes it more likely that the three-and-a-half trillion dollar deal passes.”

A group of House Republicans is threatening to withdraw their support of the $1.5 trillion infrastructure deal if Pelosi refuses to unlink it from Biden’s socialist bombshell. If she refuses, they will not vote for it.

Biden’s spending packages have been on shaky ground from the beginning. They are loaded with socialist priorities and will expand the national debt. Conservative Republicans, even moderate Democrats, are uneasy about supporting something that would increase inflation, reduce opportunity, and saddle taxpayers with larger burdens.

But Pelosi has been ignoring all of that, hellbent on pushing this radical, far-left agenda. It seems like she is unwilling to listen to moderates within her own party. Why is she so determined to get this toxic spending passed? Has she become a deranged socialist herself?

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Or are the rumors true that she plans on retiring next year? If so, this could be her final payoff to various liberal organizations, corporations, and globalists. The big cash cow that can set her up for retirement.

Whatever the reason, she is losing support for this radical plan, just because she won’t listen.

If Republicans pull out support, she’ll need every last Democrat to pass the infrastructure bill. And that’s not even a guarantee.

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