Rita Panahi Says VP Harris Would Be A Threat To Biden If She Was “Even Remotely Half-Competent”

During a blistering critique of VP Kamala Harris, Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi says Kamala Harris would be a threat to Joe Biden right now if she was “even remotely half-competent”.

This came after a USA Today poll had Biden’s approval ratings down to 38% while Vice President Kamala Harris has fallen to an even more dismal 28%.

“In retrospect the Biden camp were very clever in selecting Kamala Harris as his VP because if there was anyone even remotely half-competent, they would be a threat to Joe Biden right now,” Panahi told fellow Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“He is struggling, he is just every week showing us that he is not up to the job. The cognitive decline is undeniable, it’s there every time you hear him speak, every time you hear him questioned,” she added.

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