RNC Move Sends Media Into Meltdown – Republicans May Block 2024 Candidates From Presidential Debates

For those on the left, the 2020 Election is a distant memory. They think we should just forget about it and move on. Fat chance. Republicans know that plenty of problems occurred during the last election cycle. Many issues were brought to their attention—and they are not going to let them get swept under the carpet.

Already, Republican leaders have been addressing some of these issues on the state level. State lawmakers have passed bills to protect the integrity of our elections. But the Republican National Committee is tackling a major issue brought up by President Donald Trump. And it’s sending liberals into a panic.

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From Fox News:

Liberals in the media are sounding the alarm over the Republican National Committee’s threat to boycott debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates…

In a letter from the RNC to the CPD that Fox News obtained on Thursday, the committee said that it will require its presidential candidates running in the 2024 election cycle to pledge not to participate in debates run by the CPD.

If the RNC follows through with its pledge, it could likely lead to a massive shift in how presidential and vice-presidential general election debates are conducted.

Word is getting out that the RNC might require its candidates to sign a pledge not to participate in debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Once upon a time, the CPD was a non-partisan group that ensured fair debates between Republican and Democrat candidates. But the last election revealed a possible biased agenda of that organization.

Republicans, including Donald Trump, criticized the CPD for moves that put them at a disadvantage. They picked moderators with histories of bias against conservatives. One moderator literally worked for Biden when he was a senator—a clear conflict of interest. On top of that, the committee tried to change the rules at the last minute, suggesting an “online” debate rather than an in-person one.

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Many people believe the CPD has been compromised. The group could be trying to create an uneven playing field that benefits liberal candidates. It appears they tried to do that in 2020, making changes that benefitted Joe Biden—whom some people thought couldn’t win in a debate with Trump. One debate was even canceled after the CPD kept changing the rules.

What would happen if Republican candidates boycott the CPD? It doesn’t mean we won’t have debates. Republicans can organize their own primary debates easily. When it comes to the general election, both campaigns can agree to their own terms and plan debates on their own.

But that hasn’t stopped liberals from freaking out. It seems they are outraged that the RNC would dare confront the CPD and its alleged bias. Perhaps liberals are watching their stranglehold on the establishment crumbling, as conservatives fight for an even playing field?

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