Rumblings Of Civil War Shake The Nation – Many Are Concerned A 2nd One Could Be Sparked Over SCOTUS Case

The decision to return abortion rights to the states has further highlighted the rift between red and blue.

Democrats, melting down that some states will ban abortion, are making wild threats against the government and courts.

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The divide between conservatives and liberals is getting so wide, some think another conflict could erupt.

From NBC News:

The Supreme Court’s abortion decision is likely to set off a wave of legal and political disputes among states and the federal government unlike anything seen since the years before the Civil War, legal experts say.

“What we had in the years leading up to the Civil War was a failure of what lawyers call comity, the idea that states will respect other states’ laws” for reasons of courtesy, consideration and mutual respect, said Ariela J. Gross, a professor of law and history at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. “That starts to break down when you have these really stark differences over an issue involving a fundamental right, and that’s what happened in the years leading up to the Civil War.”

Liberal and conservative commentators are saying the rift between states over abortion could erupt into a Second Civil War.

While a wild claim today, they point to possible legal battles stemming from the ending of Roe is the reason.

Prior to the Civil War, states were fighting over the issue of slavery. Some supported it, some banned it.

And states refused to cooperate over issues like the returning and prosecuting of escaped slaves.

The conflict forced numerous states to separate from the Union, prompting a conflict.

Can the same thing happen over the death of Roe? Some states are already refusing to cooperate with states that ban abortion.

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Some claim that pro-life states will make abortions “felonies” (not something trigger laws do) and that pro-choice states might end up harboring women and doctors who performed abortions.

It’s unclear if conflicts like this will even happen. Chances are, pro-life states will simply shut down abortion, forcing women to travel to nearby states to get an abortion if they so choose.

Pro-life states will not “hunt down” women who do this. Nor will pro-choice states have any incentive not to cooperate with pro-life states.

There are many issues that states are divided on, such as gun ownership, drug use, hell even marriage is handled differently from state to state.

We don’t see states fighting each other over these issues. They have simply developed policies to navigate these issues, in light of varying state laws.

Will we be unable or unwilling to do the same over abortion (which, by the way, is what we did up until 1973)? Will states take up arms and fight each other?

That seems to be what some people want, talking heads who would rather stir up fear and controversy than report on the facts.

But if there was a fight between red states and blue, we all know who has the upper hand (and the guns).

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