Russia Invasion Knocks Over China Domino – Trump Claims They Are Emboldened Could Invade Taiwan Soon

The world is reeling from Russia’s shocking and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Putin has been mustering up forces along the border for months. Yet Joe Biden, in a sickening display of weakness, said we’d do nothing over a “minor incursion.”

Sadly, what we are seeing today is far from minor. The nation risks falling to Russia—and the rest of Europe is at stake.

But a nation, not that far away, is watching all of this with devilish glee. Biden let Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. He is letting our ally Ukraine fall to Putin. And now, Trump says the next to fall is the sovereign state of Taiwan, to communist China.

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From the New York Post:

As the West fears further military aggression from Russia in Ukraine, former President Donald Trump warned that “China’s going to be next” and claimed the Asian superpower will attack Taiwan due to President Biden’s ineffective leadership…

“You think they’re gonna go after Taiwan?” host Clay Travis responded.

“Oh, absolutely,” Trump said. “Not with me, they wouldn’t have.”

“But you think with Biden, they’ll try him?” Travis clarified.

“Oh, yeah. They’re waiting ’til after the Olympics. Now the Olympics ended, and look at your stopwatch, right?” Trump said.

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Donald Trump predicted that, after Ukraine falls to Russia, Taiwan will be next. Trump said that China will invade and annex the country to itself, because of Biden’s weakness. Joe Biden took steps that enabled the Taliban to take over Afghanistan—after Americans fought and died for 20 years to protect it.

Now, we are watching Russia’s outrageous invasion of another country—as Biden licks his ice cream cone. Regardless of what he says, we see no decisive opposition to what Russia is doing. His sanctions and other rhetoric do not appear to scare Putin. And it is very likely China is preparing something similar.

Trump said China was waiting until after the Winter Olympics to move. Now that the games are over, he warned they could strike. Biden has historically been soft on China. Even softer than he is with Russia. He has refused to confront the country over everything they’ve done in recent years.

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