Schumer And Pelosi Caught On Live Video – During Afghanistan Debacle They Party In Public Break Their Own Rules

Americans—and people all over the world—are watching the crisis unfold in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is in deep water, as his administration fails to protect Americans and our allies overseas.

And things are getting worse.

If this was a Trump failure, Congress would be already drawing up impeachment articles. Instead, what are the heads of both chambers doing?

You won’t like this one bit.

10,000 plus Americans are stranded in Afghanistan, surrounded by the enemy & desperate for help & this is what Senate Majority Leader @chuckschumer is doing.

Dancing in the street with celebrities.

Just so tone deaf & embarrassing for our nation.

Not to be outdone by Chuck, Pelosi was seeing at a gala fundraiser. Of course, nobody was “socially distancing.”

From Fox News:

Meanwhile, a video posted Sunday by New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel shows Pelosi, D-Calif., talking about getting out the vote during a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) retreat in Napa Valley racked up over 650,000 views. Pelosi was criticized for the lack of diversity at the DCCC fundraiser and for donors not wearing masks while sitting within close proximity of each other.

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America is being hammered by numerous crises, the latest a disaster unfolding in Afghanistan.

The White House is bumbling around like children, totally unprepared to handle this situation.

Biden continues to lie and refuses to show leadership. Harris is MIA in Asia.

But what are our leaders in Congress doing? Literally dancing in the streets.

Video caught Chuck Schumer dancing around with TV personalities and other celebrities. I guess it’s a good time to dance, as people die outside the Kabul airport.

Worse still, is Old Nance. She hosted a large dinner for donors in Napa Valley. Of course, nobody was wearing masks or distancing themselves.

This Democrat is so worried about the virus that she refused to let anyone wear a mask at this event. (This is just after Obama’s birthday bash that may have triggered an outbreak on Martha’s Vineyard).

You’d think Pelosi would be busy monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and, you know, offering some leadership to the country?

Instead, she ignored Biden’s mistakes—praising him instead—and threw a party in her name.

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