Schwarzenegger Blesses Homeless Veterans – Over The Holidays Arnold Donates 25 California Tiny Houses

A lot has been said about the radical, far-left agenda of California’s Democrat-controlled government. They are spending loads of taxpayer dollars to help out border jumpers. Meanwhile, American veterans who risked their lives to help us overseas are out on the streets.

California has nearly 25% of all of America’s homeless. Yet the supposedly compassionate liberals who run the state appear to be doing nothing. Who is doing something to help? A former governor and noted conservative. Because Arnold just shelled out some cash to provide 25 vets with homes.

From New York Post:

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger purchased 25 homes for homeless veterans living on the street in Los Angeles.

The one-time Hollywood action star ponied up $250,000 of his own money for the “tiny homes” which were built by the nonprofit Village for Vets…

“All of you have the power to do something for someone else this holiday season,” said Schwarzenegger, 74. “It doesn’t have to be big. Just give a few minutes of your time to help someone else.”

Perhaps to spread a much-needed dose of holiday cheer, former CA governor and famed Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger donated 25 homes for homeless veterans. These “tiny homes” were built by a charity called Village for Vets and cost $250,000.

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The iconic actor and politician said the donation was meant to remind Americans of what Christmas was all about. He also spent time with the recipients of these homes, calling them “heroes.”

The former CA governor welcomed the vets to their new homes.

The painful reality is many veterans struggle when they return home. They suffer tremendous trauma, both mental and physical. Often, they are denied care by our government. Some of them even have trouble returning to their families (some of them don’t have families).

President Trump worked to reform the VA while in office, making major improvements. But so much more needs to be done to help those who risked their lives to preserve our freedoms. Schwarzenegger’s donation will no doubt raise awareness for this charity and hopefully result in more vets finding homes.

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