Some NY Dems Pushing To Permanently Ban Cuomo From Running For Office Again

Some NY Democrats are pushing for impeaching against disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo even though he has already announced his resignation in a move that would bar him from running for office again.

State Senator Julia Salazar wrote on Twitter:

We have a responsibility to go through the full impeachment process. Anything less would fail to fully hold the governor accountable, and to prevent his behavior from being repeated in the future.

The projected costs of doing the people’s work, of doing our jobs as legislators, of continuing the impeachment process, were the same yesterday as they are today.

I don’t find this new “but impeachment uses resources” argument compelling, nor does it seem earnest to me.

Some NY Dems pushing to permanently ban Cuomo from running for office again

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State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Nious replied “We must.”

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