Something’s WRONG With Biden’s WH Gingerbread Village!

We know that the Biden administration is full of sociopaths. That’s the only logical reason explaining why they are completely deaf. People must be without emotions, and that’s why they can’t feel out of a situation as a normal human being can.

Precisely because of that, they created the gingerbread village, where they honor the front-line workers. But the irony is that Joe Biden is now firing the front-line workers that haven’t received the vaccine.

Take a look at the photo below: It was shared by the AP WH reporter, Darlene Superville.

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This isn’t the best time to share grocery stores and gas stations since Americans feel a major inflation squeeze and shortages on groceries and supplies. The vaccine mandates expelled people from work, and over a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work as planned really annoyed people.

Americans blasted on Joe Biden, and here are the comments:

“gas station has gas for $6 gal,warehouse is empty, the police station has been defunded, firehouse on a skeleton crew due to mandate, the hospital refuses to admit patients for routine procedures and UFT is trying to close the school”

“Did they include an unemployment office for those same workers if they did not get vaccinated?”

“Is there a runway for Epstein’s Lolita express?”

“So much honoring… and then firing the people he supposedly honors”

Mayor Pete told Americans that if they had an electric car, they wouldn’t have to worry about gas.

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