Southern State Election Shows Coming 2022 Wave – Democrat Mayor Seat Flips In Columbia South Carolina

Democrats have a growing problem on their hands. Thanks to their lack of leadership and unwillingness to check Sleepy Joe, they are on the verge of political collapse. And I’m not talking about the brewing civil war between progressives and moderates.

The bells started to toll in the Summer, as Hispanic Texans flipped several key races from blue to red. Then, disaster struck the DNC, when they lost Virginia’s governorship, along with other top seats. And now, the tide keeps rolling in. Because a city that went for Biden by 71% last year just made a Republican their mayor.

From Red State:

But if Democrats thought that passing their infrastructure boondoggle was going to change the dynamics, an election in South Carolina last night delivered some bad news.

“Tonight, South Carolina Republicans flipped the mayorship of the state capital of Columbia – the state’s second largest city – 52-48%. While ostensibly non-partisan, Barack Obama made a robocall for the “Democrat” in the race. Biden won the city with 71% of the vote last year”

Uh-oh! While the candidates were “non-partisan,” it was an obvious victory for Republicans. The Democrat-backed candidate had endorsements from Obama and Clyburn. But the conservative candidate, Daniel Rickenmann, won by 52%-48%. This is a huge shift, considering the landslide victory Biden took from Columbia in 2020.

This continues the trend we’ve seen since the beginning of 2021. From special elections to this year’s November elections, voters are coming out of the woodwork to elect Republicans. Why? Because Democrats, after less than a year in charge, have brought utter ruin to the United States.

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Joe Biden’s administration, with help from the liberal-run Congress, has triggered one crisis after another. He has opened our border, created runaway inflation, shut down our energy sector, bowed to our enemies, and promises to raise taxes on everyone. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are doing nothing to fix his mistakes.

Of course, voters are going to do what they can to send a message to D.C. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Local Democrats, from coast to coast, have punished Americans over the last two years with abusive lockdowns, restrictive mandates, and other moves of government overreach. Americans are getting sick and tired of Democrats thinking it’s their job to decide how they are to live their lives.

The mandates were enough to tip the scales in Republicans’ favor. But with everything else going on, it’s a shocker to think Democrats have a snowball’s chance at winning elections.

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