Speaker Pelosi Handed Lose-Lose Scenario By Senate GOP – Their Vote-A-Rama Just Put Nancy In A Difficult Position

Nancy Pelosi is determined to push as much radical legislation as possible. But Republicans might have stopped her in her tracks.

Pelosi claims she will not vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the Senate gives her their $3.5 trillion spending package.

But that package, yet to be passed by the Senate, is loaded with some “nightmare” gifts from Republicans.

Thanks to a “vote-a-rama” session last week, Pelosi and her progressive pets will face a lose-lose situation.

From Fox News:

House Democrats are in a “difficult position” over infrastructure because of a series of politically charged votes Senate Republicans forced last week on the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill…

Among the measures Republicans listed as successes are GOP amendments to block federal funds from being used to promote the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), another to prohibit the Biden administration from banning hydraulic fracturing and a third to ban taxpayer dollars for funding abortions.

Should the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill make it out of the Senate, Pelosi will have a “lose-lose” situation on her hands.

She is eager to pass this bloated spending bill, despite what Americans want according to the polls.

But in it are numerous amendments added by Republican senators during a “vote-a-rama” session.

These amendments won’t seem controversial to most Americans. But for the radical left, they are like sunlight to vampires.

Some of the amendments Republicans passed included banning critical race theory in public schools, prohibiting a ban on fracking, and a ban on tax dollars funding abortions.

The radical left will be forced to vote against these measures, letting the whole country know that they embrace toxic views.

Another big measure, passed by Senate Democrats, is an official rejection of the defund the policy movement.

The 50 Democrats in the Senate were happy to vote on that, but will AOC, Ilhan Omar, and their other socialists feel the same?

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These progressive Democrats have been the country’s biggest supporters of the defund movement.

Now, they will have to vote against amendments that most Americans support.

This is also bad news for moderate Democrats, who continue to lose thanks to outspoken figures like AOC.

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