Stefanik Accuses Biden Of Being “More Forceful” Against U.S. Families Than The Taliban

Moments ago, Rep. Stefanik accused Biden of being more forceful on mask mandates on kids and parents in the U.S. than against the Taliban on evacuating Americans.

“Joe Biden is being more forceful with kids and parents about masks and vaccine mandates than he is with the Taliban about evacuating Americans,” Stefanik wrote.

She wrote moments earlier:

Biden needs a Commander-in-Chief booster!!!!!

This atrociously tone deaf speech is the White House desperately attempting to change the narrative.

Not going to work.

Biden takes no Qs & goes back into hiding during biggest national security catastrophe in a generation.

Stefanik also wrote:

The world is looking for a country to lead & for 100+ years it has been the USA.

Biden isn’t a leader and his incompetence has caused the most significant national security crisis in a generation.

It’s time for competent, capable, & strong American leadership.

Biden isn’t it.

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