Stefanik Introduces Bill To Block And Deport Violent Sexual Predators Who Immigrated To The US

Rep. Stefanik has introduced a house bill to deport unnaturalized immigrants with sex crime convictions.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler tweeted Wednesday:

Proud to be an original co-sponsor of my good friend @RepStefanik’s critical BE GONE Act.

Deporting violent sexual predators and blocking them from entering the U.S. is critical.

Republicans will always step up to keep Americans safe.

Per Fox News “The Better Enforcement of Grievous Offenses by unNaturalized Emigrants (BE GONE) Act was first introduced in the Senate by Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, earlier this month, and would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to include sexual assault and aggravated sexual violence as crimes that are defined as “aggravated felonies” which make immigrants inadmissible and deportable.”

“The Stefanik bill also adds sexual abuse the crimes that would be included in the definition. The bill currently has 58 sponsors in the House, and 20 in the Senate,” the report adds.

Stefanik said in a statement “We are witnessing a border crisis of historic proportions. The Biden Administration’s open-border policies are allowing the highest number of illegal border crossings through our Southern Border in over 30 years.”

“We must work to ensure sex criminals are stopped and deported immediately for the safety of our citizens. Border security is national security, and I am proud to work to keep our communities safe,” she added.

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