Supreme Court Justice Sends Democrats Spinning – They Just Tried To Force Him Out But Justice Breyer Refuses

Thanks to Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has a strong 6 – 3 Constitutional majority.

Democrats have been foaming at the mouth to change that. With Sleepy Joe in the White House, they could easily get at least one radical leftist judge on the bench.

But that can only happen if there’s a vacancy (since their dreams of court-packing are far-fetched).

Liberals were putting pressure on this one justice to retire. But he just dashed their hopes to pieces.

From Washington Examiner:

Justice Stephen Breyer said on Wednesday that his newfound seniority on the Supreme Court has kept him from deciding when he will retire, enraging many liberals who are calling for him to step aside…

The chief reason for that, Breyer said, is that as the most senior liberal justice on the court, he has found a new appreciation for the judicial process, and that leading some discussions “has made a difference to me.”

Justice Stephen Breyer, a Clinton appointee, told CNN “No” when they asked if he’ll retire soon.

In fact, he said his seniority on the bench has given him a newfound appreciation for the entire process.

Ouch, Dems. Just when they were hoping his age would have forced him to grow tired of his job, Breyer appears energized over it.

Wow, what a jerk, huh? Imagine that, keeping a man with experience and know-how on the bench, when we could have shoved a hair-brained leftist in his place!

This Supreme Court has been shaping up in a way that neither Republicans and Democrats were expecting.

Several key decisions, which gave American citizens rights over big government, have been unanimous. In many other decisions, which were considered wins by conservatives, some liberal justices sided with conservative justices.

So, even if Democrats were able to swap out Breyer with another liberal, there’s no guarantee that person would vote the way they’d like.

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It seems (aside from John Roberts) most of the court is refusing to let partisan politics color their rulings. They are taking great steps to make decisions that put the Constitution and our rights at the forefront.

Breyer has been a part of that process, working with both the left and right wings of the court.

Democrats just can’t stand a body of the federal government that is working the way it should. They have corrupted Congress and the White House. The last thing they needed was to turn the SCOTUS into another joke.


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