Supreme Court Makes Historic 5-4 Ruling – They Just Decided Against Government For Gas Pipeline

With Joe Biden in the White House, you might expect big government to rule the day. But the Supreme Court continues to upset the left with one ruling after another.

The Biden administration has pushed numerous rules that have hurt major industries. He shut down a crucial pipeline.

He also prevented the leasing of federal land for drilling oil and gas. It seems like progressive environmentalists are winning all over the place.

Enter the Supreme Court. They just ruled in favor of an energy company—outraging the leftist hippies.

From Washington Examiner:

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the developers of the $1 billion PennEast natural gas pipeline can seize New Jersey land to build the project…

PennEast’s 116-mile pipeline would transport as much as 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from northern Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

In what will surely be a landmark ruling, the court voted 5-4 that PennEast can seize New Jersey land to build a $1 billion natural gas pipeline.

The pipeline will reportedly transport as much as 1 billion cubic feet of gas a day from PA to New Jersey. That will be an incredible boon to the East Coast, whose citizens pay through the nose for energy.

What’s even more amazing is that both conservative and liberal judges voted together on this ruling. Two of Trump’s appointees, along with Clarence Thomas and Elena Kagan, dissented.

This ruling means a private company will be able to use state land to build this pipeline.

It strikes a major blow to environmentalist activists, who want the government to frequently interfere with private energy companies.

This might give more energy producers the power to build much-needed pipelines and projects. Other pending cases will be influenced by this decision.

It’s impossible not to think about the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Joe Biden killed with the stroke of a pen.

Does this ruling rekindle hope that this major project—or one like it—can become a reality?

It’s hard to say for now, but if a case concerning that pipeline is brought to the court, we might already know its ruling.

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Don’t be surprised if you hear about more energy companies fighting to save their industry, despite Biden’s best efforts.

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