Supreme Court Pushes Back On Major Controversy – After Ending Term, Roberts Refuses Leak Investigation Update

The firestorm over Roe v. Wade began earlier in the year when someone leaked a draft opinion to the press.

Most believe that someone took these unprecedented steps, so Democrats would challenge the court to change its eventual ruling.

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Thankfully, they failed. But despite a supposed investigation, this leaker has not been brought to justice.

From the Associated Press:

The Supreme Court won’t say whether it’s still investigating.

The court also won’t say whether the leaker has been identified or whether anyone has been disciplined.

Or whether an outside law firm or the FBI has been called in…

To these and other emailed questions, Supreme Court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe said by email: “The Court has no comment.”

Despite claiming an investigation was launched to find the leaker, we have received no word after three months.

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The court has not updated the American public on this serious situation. We don’t even know if the court brought in federal investigators, even though some experts said this was a crime.

After three months, do you believe they don’t know who did this?

They probably knew the first day. The Supreme Court is not a massive organization. It would not take long for the justices to question their clerks.

Only so many people had access to that draft opinion. So, why haven’t we been told who did it?

The leak violated the court and exposed numerous justices to danger. That danger lingers, as radical activists protest and threaten the justices and their families.

This issue is bigger than just an “internal matter” for the court. The court’s rulings affect every American.

And a leak of this magnitude shook our nation for months. Not dealing with it could mean future leaks that could further harm our society.

(And considering we have a new justice, who will bring on new staff, this needs to be nipped in the bud.)

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