Supreme Court Rules 5-4 In Texas Case – Partial Victory Keeps 6-Week Law In Effect But Allows Challenge

The Supreme Court has been hearing important cases recently that could impact the lives of millions of Americans. Some of these issues could alter the course of our country for years to come. And Democrats are panicking because the court is currently enjoying a 6-3 conservative majority.

A group of leftists rushed a case to the Supreme Court. They have tried on several occasions to get the court to knock down a law out of Texas. They failed back in September, triggering a wave of outrage from the progressive left. Once again, they are demanding the court shut down this law. But the court is handing them some bad news.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court Friday morning ruled that a lawsuit by abortion providers against Texas over its abortion law may proceed…

The court also let the law remain in effect pending the legal challenges. The ruling is procedural and will not be the final word on the law’s constitutionality…

The court also dismissed a challenge from the Department of Justice against the Texas law Friday. This means that only the suit by private parties will go forward against the law, with the potential to invalidate at a later time.

Boy, do Democrats hate this Texas law. Not only did private abortion providers sue to overturn it, but Biden sicced his DOJ on the state, trying to erase this law. The law represents major progress for pro-life Americans. So, naturally, the left is pulling out all the stops to upend it.

This week, the court rejected a bid by these providers to block the law, while the case is being decided. This is yet another blow against the left, whose main objective is just to prevent pro-life goals from seeing the light of day. Their case will proceed, but for as long as it is being decided in the courts, Texas can continue to exact its ban.

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Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the court threw out a challenge from the Department of Justice. It seems like the court does not believe the federal government had grounds to interfere with a state’s ability to pass laws. We’ve seen the Biden administration frequently try to trample on state’s rights (including his unconstitutional mandates).

This case might not be decided until after a case coming out of Mississippi. That ruling from the court (expected in the Spring) could overturn Roe v. Wade entirely, meaning this challenge to Texas could end up moot.

Regardless, the court’s ruling today provides a temporary victory for pro-life Texans and their cause.

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