Supreme Court Set To Knock Down Democrat Holy Grail – Now They’re Going After Church-State Separation With School Funding

Democrats are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on a pro-life law out of Mississippi. They fear the conservative-leaning court will overturn Roe v. Wade, which would strike a major blow to the far left’s agenda. But that is not the only case the court is taking up that have leftists worried.

They recently heard arguments over a school-funding law out of Maine. The state provides funds for parents to send children to private schools. But it has refused to provide funds for those who want to go to religious schools. Parents sued and how the court decision could rock another part of the left’s agenda.

From MSN:

On Wednesday, the court will hear a new test of church-state separation in a case from Maine, which has no public high schools in some rural communities.

The state pays tuition to send those students to private high schools, but only if they are “nonsectarian” schools. The state adopted this rule 40 years ago believing it was required as a matter of church-state separation.

The Supreme Court will decide if Maine’s law against providing funds for religious schools violates Americans’ First Amendment rights. Maine provides tuition for students to go to any school of their choice, as long as that school isn’t religiously affiliated.

Hmm… sounds to me like the state is discriminating against religious families. Why should children get aid to go to a secular school—which might teach things their families object to—but not a school that upholds their deeply-held beliefs? The state isn’t endorsing these teachings but simply ensuring that all children have access to education.

Democrats are very worried about how the court will rule. Even the media is trying to spin this story as some kind of crisis for “separate of Church and State.” But we know what is really going on. Democrats have long fought to force kids into schools that they control. They want to decide what students learn, not their parents.

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By denying funds to religious schools, they are forcing some parents to send their kids to schools that teach secular content. The left can’t stand people growing up thinking for themselves. They work overtime to get kids into public schools, so they can warp their minds.

(That’s also the same reason Democrats side with teachers’ unions to oppose school choice from coast to coast.)

But if the Supreme Court knocks down this Maine law, parents will have more freedom to send their kids to the school of their choice. And the corrupt teachers’ unions and far left will lose big time.

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