Supreme Court Slams The Brakes On New York – They Just Blocked The Blue State’s Moratorium On Evictions

During the hardest part of the 2020 crisis, states issued a variety of orders meant to protect Americans.

Considering states also put Americans in a difficult position in the first place, that seemed appropriate.

But it’s been months since most states have reopened. And there are reportedly 10 million openings looking for workers.

Despite this, some liberal-run states continue to push policies that put some Americans in tough spots.

That’s especially true for landlords, who can’t even collect rent from tenants.

But the Supreme Court just passed a ruling that could have implications across the country.

From The Hill:

The Supreme Court on Thursday temporarily blocked part of an eviction moratorium put in place by New York state amid the coronavirus pandemic…

The ruling temporarily lifts part of New York’s policy, which had precluded landlords from challenging a tenant’s self-certified claim of financial hardship…

In it, the majority wrote that the New York policy appeared to violate landlords’ due process right to a hearing in the face of a tenant’s claimed inability to pay rent.

The Supreme Court ruled to lift part of New York’s eviction moratorium.

It appears that renters could “self-certify” that they were unable to pay rent. And, under this order, landlords had no power to evict them.

It seems New York was not requiring tenants to prove they couldn’t pay their rent. And landlords didn’t have any due process way of collecting what they were owed.

This ruling does not prevent people facing actual hardship from seeking relief. It simply protects landlords, who have been struggling themselves.

Democrats are so eager to bail out renters with these eviction bans. They claim it’s because the pandemic has deprived many of jobs.

Yet they don’t seem to care that landlords are put into hardship when the government says renters don’t have to pay.

How is a landlord supposed to pay their mortgages and other bills? How can they even afford to maintain their rental properties, without the rent to cover it?

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It seems pretty foolish for New York—or Joe Biden—to simply say renters don’t have to pay. Do they think landlords are rich barons who don’t need the money?

This ruling can have far-reaching consequences, pending the lower court’s decision. This can lead to other states challenging Biden’s recent eviction ban—and taking it all the way to the Supreme Court.

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