Supreme Court Stands Up To President Biden – Against Joe’s Wishes, They Take On Cases To Restrict Immigration And The EPA

The Biden administration has worked very hard to undo the achievements of President Trump. But one they will have a hard time undoing is his work to restore the balance and integrity of our federal courts. The chief among them is the Supreme Court, which now enjoys a 6-3 constitutional majority.

The Supreme Court is the last line of defense for conservatives against Biden’s reckless socialism. The court has previously ruled against his administration.

But much more needs to be done to rein in Biden’s far-left agenda. And the court has just defied Biden by picking up two cases that could undermine his biggest plans. From The Epoch Times:

The Supreme Court decided on Oct. 29 to hear two cases that the Biden administration didn’t want to come before the court—one aimed at reviving a rule that screens out potentially government-dependent immigrants and another that could roll back the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Against Biden’s wishes, the Supreme Court is picking up two cases that could impact his agenda. The first is regarding migrants who come to America. It’s no secret that Biden wants to import millions of migrants who will go suckle at big government’s teat. This case could strike a blow in Biden’s plan.

The court could decide on Trump’s “public charge rule,” which denies migrants entrance who will go on government welfare. If the public charge rule stands, the government will deny entry for those immigrants that cannot prove they can support themselves.

Many believe that Biden is using the promise of massive welfare entitlements to attract millions from outside the United States. But if the Supreme Court enforces the public charge, it could freeze these large numbers of people in their tracks.

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The other case could roll back the power Biden granted to the EPA. This environmental agency is about to cripple our energy sector by setting new carbon emission limits. Several states are suing, saying the group is overstepping its lawful authority.

The EPA appears to be trying to exploit the Clean Air Act to grab “unbridled power” over private sectors. Clearly, the court needs to step in and decide the limits to this unelected group of environmental activists.

In both of these cases, the Biden administration demanded the court dismiss them. But the court defied Biden’s demands, the first sign that it might rule against his agenda.

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