Supreme Court Under Siege By Pelosi – The Speaker Pushes Bill To Strip Authority To Protect Elections

Even as the country faces numerous crises, Pelosi is trying to grab more power.

Never let it be said the Democrats can’t exploit a problem for their own gain. But they not only do that, but they often use crises as a distraction to push their toxic agenda.

Because just as everyone is distracted by the horrors going on in Afghanistan, Pelosi tries to push this new bill.

And what does this toxic bill do? It tries to rob the Supreme Court of its power to protect elections.

From Vox:

The latest version of the John Lewis Act is far more ambitious than the one Democrats supported in 2019. Among other things, the new bill would undo the Supreme Court’s very recent decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee (2021), which imposed new, seemingly made-up limits on the Voting Rights Act’s safeguards against racism in elections.

The new bill would also roll back the Court’s decision in Purcell v. Gonzales (2006), which drastically limits courts’ ability to protect voting rights as an election draws close. The bill creates a new process to block certain voting restrictions in all 50 states, and, it prevents the Court from changing the rules governing who may cast a ballot while an election is underway — and then retroactively disenfranchising voters who did not comply with the new rules.

Claiming this bill is about protecting “voting rights,” Pelosi is trying to strip the Supreme Court of its power to protect our elections.

Let’s get one thing clear, no American citizen is being prevented from voting. From state to state, the process of registering to vote and voting on election day is simple and effective.

Democrats’ claims that any state is “restricting” a person’s right to vote are simply untrue. It’s even against the law.

But Democrats are trying to do is open up elections, so that we don’t have a way to safeguard from fraud, mistakes, and “irregularities.”

The last line of defense from such problems is the Supreme Court, which has historically ruled against the Democrats and their schemes.

And since Trump gave the court a conservative majority, there is even more reason for Pelosi to want to prevent the court from having a say in our democracy.

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The new bill tries to prevent the Supreme Court from blocking federal changes to our elections. It also tries to roll back recent decisions from the court that were setbacks for the Democrats.

Nothing about this bill is about protecting voters’ rights. It’s clearly a partisan-made bill that seeks to give Democrats an un-Constitutional advantage.

It’s unclear if this bill will gain any traction. But we know the only people who can stop it are Republicans in Congress.

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