Supreme Drops 6-3 Ruling On President Biden – They Quote Joe’s Chief Of Staff Admitting “Work-Around” As They End Mandate

The big news coming out at the end of the week has been the Supreme Court’s decision on Biden’s infamous mandate. When Biden announced this shocking rule, numerous states, businesses, and groups fought back. The fight reached the Supreme Court, which ordered both sides to give arguments.

And they just decided to block Biden’s rule affecting nearly 100 million working Americans.

From Just the News:

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that would apply to large U.S. businesses…

The court’s majority was doubtful that the administration possesses the legal authority to impose the workplace vaccine mandate through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which would have affected about 80 million employees.

Why did the court decide this? Part of their decision came from something Biden’s own Chief of Staff admitted, in a poorly-chosen retweet.

From Twitter:

Props to Biden chief of staff @RonaldKlain, whose idiotic retweet characterizing the illegal vaxx mandate as a “work-around” for the federal government to force vaccination found its way into the concurring SCOTUS opinion nuking the vaxx mandate.

The Supreme Court shot down Biden’s mandate aimed at employees of private businesses. The court ultimately decided the administration did not have the legal authority to impose such a drastic rule.

Part of the reason they decided this, was because of something Ron Klain, Biden’s COS suggested in a retweet.

The tweet, which Klain reposted to his account, revealed that this mandate was a “work-around” for Biden to have his way. This was essentially an admission that Biden was trying to work around Congress.

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Such drastic changes to our workplace, including a rule that could have gotten millions of Americans fired, should have been brought before Congress.

It appears the court rejected the idea that Biden had the power to make such sweeping changes. We have three branches of government for a reason. Biden is no dictator, who can just wave his hand and get what he wants. For most policies, he has to get the cooperation of Congress in the form of legislation.

But Biden, much like his predecessor Obama, thought he could use executive orders to bypass the second branch of our government. But the Supreme Court didn’t agree.

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