Swing State Senator Abandons Democrat Party – ‘Unconstitutional Acts’ Prompt Candelaria To Leave New Mexico

How bad are things getting for Democrats across the states? Would you be surprised if I told you people were fleeing? Yes, you probably know all about thousands of Americans are fleeing blue states like California and New York, due to the left’s toxic leadership.

But that’s not even what we’re talking about today. We’ve seen at least one local Democrat ditch his party. That happened in Texas, as Democrats neglect the overrun border. But just a few states away, a Democratic governor committed “unconstitutional acts” by trying to ignore lawmakers. Now, one Democrat has had enough.

From The Epoch Times:

A state senator in New Mexico has left the Democrat Party, upset over actions by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

State Sen. Jacob Candelaria made the announcement Monday, as a special legislative session started…

Candelaria has for months expressed opposition to Grisham’s administration appropriating more than $600 million in COVID-19 relief funding that lawmakers say should have been doled out by them.

Jacob Candelaria, a state senator out of New Mexico, announced he was leaving his party over actions by the liberal governor, Michelle Lujan. Candelaria blasted her for “unconstitutional acts” regarding the usage of relief funds. The story is simply shocking.

The state, like all the others, received considerable funds from the federal government for relief over last year’s crisis. But the money, upwards of $600 million, was supposed to go where the state legislature decided. State lawmakers were supposed to vote on where it could go, to do the most good.

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Instead, Lujan shockingly tried to take the money and appropriate it herself, without approval from the state. The move was so damning, it was taken to the New Mexico Supreme Court. And the court actually barred the governor, state treasurer, and all other state officials from touching the money.

That’s pretty bad I don’t care who you are.

It seems that gross violation of power was enough to push Candelaria over the edge. He condemned the “partisan virus” that appears to be harming the country. He left the Democratic Party and has vowed to vote as an independent for the foreseeable future.

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