Swing State Sheriff Just Abandoned His Party – The 16-Year Veteran Claims “The Democratic Party Has Left Me” In North Carolina

In recent years, the country has seen even more polarization. Right-wing and left-wing citizens have become increasingly Red or Blue, and politicians on both sides appear to be getting more extreme.

The idea of a “moderate Democrat” seems to be disappearing. For a while, it was a relatively common — for instance, one sheriff in North Carolina identified as a “moderate Democrat” for a long time.

But he can’t do it anymore.

Alan Cloninger has served as Gaston County, North Carolina’s sheriff for 16 years. And during his tenure, he’s been a registered member of the Democratic Party.

But during an interview with WBTV, Cloninger made a difficult announcement.

He revealed that he had to make “one of the hardest decisions of his life”: to leave the Democrat party, become an independent voter, and retire.

He isn’t the first Democrat to officially ditch his party and in this case, the apparent anti-law enforcement rhetoric among the left clearly played a role in Cloninger’s decision.

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Notably, Cloninger served as a Democrat in a county that has been historically very conservative. And he was obviously proud to represent the Democrat party despite being in the minority.

Things have changed significantly, though.

As he said in a statement:

The present Democratic Party has left me. There is no home for a conservative Democrat in today’s Democratic Party.

Therefore, today I will be changing my party affiliation from Democrat to unaffiliated voter.

He added that some of the “new Democrats in Washington attack and degrade all law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to protect the people.

This has been a sticking point for many police officers over the past year or so.

With cries to “defund the police” spreading across the nation, and some very disrespectful (occasionally downright hateful) language directed at law enforcement, it’s difficult to blame Cloninger.

And while the retiring sheriff didn’t switch sides completely and join the Republicans, it’s clear that he no longer identifies with today’s more radical Democrat views.

He says being an independent will allow him to vote for solid candidates on either side of the aisle, but he will no longer support the party that evidently has a lot of problems with police officers.

The future of law enforcement is questionable, too.

We’ve been hearing a lot about retiring officers and a general reluctance to be part of the law enforcement field, and many attribute this to the anti-police propaganda that seems to be floating around everywhere.

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