Swing State Trump Fan Stands Up To Biden’s Lies – Buys Billboard To Set The Record Straight On Afghanistan

Biden is doing his best to get away from the crisis in Afghanistan. But we all know that is a permanent black mark on his presidency and political career. And Americans will refuse to forget.

What was the worst part of Biden’s botched withdrawal? Leaving behind Americans and allies? Giving their names to the Taliban. Ignoring warning that the country was full of enemy agents?

Or maybe it was giving the Taliban billions in advanced weapons? One Trump fan is making sure Americans never forget.

From Fox News:

A former Pennsylvania state senator is telling Fox News Wednesday that he has put up around 15 billboards locally with a photo of President Biden in military gear alongside the message “Making the Taliban Great Again.”

“The Taliban are openly stating that they ran the United States out of Afghanistan – they are now very emboldened.”

A former PA state senator bought about 15 billboards to post a message to America. Showing Biden dressed in Taliban gear with a rocket launcher, the signs read “Making the Taliban Great Again!” It’s a message no one can misinterpret.

Wagner lamented the fallout of Biden’s terrible decisions in Afghanistan. He mentioned young people who grew up free from the Taliban’s stranglehold will be thrust back into the Dark Ages. Many fear what this group will do to women and children.

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The Republican is thumbing his nose at Biden and his pathetic administration. Not once has Joe explained why he left behind so many weapons. Nor has he shown any remorse that our enemies now have thousands of vehicles and tanks, hundreds of thousands of guns, and even hundreds of aircraft.

It’s enough gear to equip an army—and it has. Many experts fear what the Taliban will do with this armory. But we can guess. First, they’ll use it to oppress their people. Next, they might threaten their neighbors.

After that, who knows? They could be staging attacks in other lands, right now. Even in the U.S.

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