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Rashida Tlaib Is Rebuked By Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl, Who Asks: “Is the Congresswoman From Michigan Not At All Concerned With How Much It Will Cost Families To Stay Warm This Winter?”

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl shut down clueless Rashida Tlaib after the Dem Rep pressed Wall Street executives to stop funding oil and gas products. JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon openly mocked the clueless Dem to her face in Congress, which had to be embarrassing. But […]

Whoopi Goldberg Threatens To Quit The View After Lindsey Graham Joke Backfires: “If This Is What It’s Coming To, I Should Probably Never Do This Show Again”

Whoopi Goldberg threatened to quit The View after her joke about Lindsey Graham backfired. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre was on the show and said: “We have Lindsey Graham, Senator Graham and other and other leaders of the Republican Party who are saying, and they’re […]

After DeSantis Accused Of “Falsely Luring” Migrants, He Sets Record Straight And Doubles Down: “Just The Beginning”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is under heavy fire from Democrats and the White House for busing 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. California Gov. Gavin Newsom is demanding an investigation, while liberal leaders and the mainstream media slam the move as a “political stunt.” They made […]