Ted Cruz REACTS To Avenatti’s Sentencing With a HUGE Slam On The Media

A video was posted on Twitter today reminding us of how almost all sectors of the media used to DROOL over Michael Avenatti as some anti-Trumpian folk hero:

TRENDING : VIDEO: Michael Avenatti Cries In Courtroom Before Being Sentenced To Prison Time For Nike Extortion Attempt

That was a rhetorical question, by the way, because Cruz and everyone else knows the garbage media is shameless and could care less what they get wrong. They don’t even care about their reputation, as it comes to the right, because they’ve got enough ignorant leftist fools out there who they can easily manipulate to follow whatever agenda they are pushing.

Here’s more reaction to Avenatti’s sentencing and/or the media’s complicity in pushing this leftist ‘folk hero’:


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