Texas Detective Arrested On Border Charges – The Border Police Agent Is Accused Of Smuggling Migrants

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is moving heaven and earth to protect the border. He’s doing it without the help of the Biden administration. It appears Biden continues to ignore the state’s requests for help. So, Abbott has relied on his own team of dedicated Texans to prevent a flood of migrants from invading the state.

But it looks as if not everyone from Texas is on board with Abbott’s agenda. Federal authorities got wind of a scheme to harbor migrants in the border town of Eagle Pass. They conducted a sting to arrest those responsible. And, what do ya know, one of them was a Texas detective.

From Breitbart:

Federal law enforcement officials arrested an Eagle Pass, Texas, police detective on charges related to her alleged participation in a conspiracy to harbor migrants. FBI agents executed search and arrest warrants at the home of the detective.

The police detective, 51-year-old Hazel “Sandra” Eileen Diaz, is one of three defendants named in the criminal indictment in connection with the harboring of illegal immigrants in the small border city, a prepared statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed.

Federal authorities out of San Antonio busted up a scheme to harbor border jumpers in the town of Eagle Pass, TX. The small city sits right on the border with Mexico, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some people were trying to smuggle migrants there.

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What was a surprise, is that one of the people arrested for this crime was a Texas detective. Hazel Diaz’s home was raided by the FBI, where they found her harboring migrants. Two other people have been charged with criminal indictments over this scheme.

It’s pretty shocking to learn someone in law enforcement would be involved in something like this. And in Texas, to boot. You’d think that a detective along the border would see firsthand how Biden’s policies are hurting the country. Instead, this woman allegedly made the problem worse, perhaps for an easy payday.

It’s no secret the drug cartels are exploiting Biden’s weak border enforcement to smuggle people over. And these monsters pay good money to any American willing to betray their ethics and our laws. A police detective should be above all that, but I guess not.

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