Texas Federal Judge Drops The Gavel On Democrats – He Gives Religious Businesses Churches Back Constitutional Freedom

In the battle for our American liberties, we can’t count on the federal government to have our backs. That was the case during the Trump administration. But Joe Biden has made it clear he puts his socialist agenda ahead of our constitutional freedoms.

It’s up to conservative-run states to defend Americans’ rights. Governors in states like Texas and Florida have gone to bat for Americans against the Biden administration. So have many federal judges in these states and beyond.

Now, a federal judge in Texas just made a major ruling in favor of religious Americans. From the Washington Examiner:

A Texas judge ruled that for-profit businesses can be shielded from gay and transgender discrimination lawsuits if the person makes employment decisions based on sincerely held beliefs. The ruling comes nearly a year after Bostock v. Clayton, a landmark decision which expanded civil rights protections under Title VII to gay and transgender workers.

A federal court judge out of Texas ruled that businesses can be shielded from lawsuits by gay groups if the employer made a decision based on “sincerely held beliefs.” This most likely includes religious beliefs, the main focus of many left-wing lawsuits. This comes after a previous court ruling gave gay workers rights under Title VII.

It’s no secret that the left has used the issue of gay rights to infringe on the First Amendment religious rights of Americans. We all remember how activist groups sued a bakery, simply for not wanting to make a cake for a gay wedding. That has also extended to businesses that have been targeted by gay workers, claiming discrimination.

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It does not seem that companies are permitted to deny employment to a gay person or that they have the power to single out homosexual people working at their business. But now these companies cannot be sued by employees claiming discrimination.

In fact, the court wrote that a company can “create and maintain codes of conduct that regulate the sexual conduct of their employees, to the extent that those policies do not target solely homosexual or transgender activities.” This could mean that businesses will be able to require certain morality requirements, as long as they don’t exclusively apply to gay workers.

This is a huge win for religious Americans who own and run businesses. Without these kinds of checks, nothing would stop radical groups from suing companies at their whim. Activists have used the threat of lawsuits to trample over Americans’ rights all the time.

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