Texas Governor Moves To Complete Trump’s Dream – Abbott Is Going To Imminently Restart Construction On Border Wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has petitioned the Biden administration for help with the border crisis. He says he has contacted both Joe and Kamala Harris’s office for assistance with the ongoing problem. But, according to the governor, he has received no responses. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of migrants flood the border on a weekly basis.

Abbott has vowed to secure the border, at least in his state. He has vowed to complete the work Trump started in office. He promised to continue the historic project that froze migrants in their tracks. And it appears it will continue very soon.

From Click2Houston:

Construction is expected to begin soon on a 1.7-mile portion of the Texas border wall.

The border wall is part of the initiative announced by Gov. Greg Abbott in June.

Abbott tasked the Texas Facilities Commission with bringing a state border wall to fruition…

Commissioners said the first portion of the wall will be constructed on state-owned land in Starr County, with a 1.2-mile extension on private land.

Commissioners said the program manager, Michael Baker Huitt-Zollars Joint Venture, is pursuing agreements with private landowners to allow construction of other portions of the wall.

Months ago, Gov. Abbott promised to continue building the border wall the Trump administration started. He has gone to great lengths to protect the border, as Joe Biden’s policies welcomed over one million invaders this year alone.

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And now, the state announced it will soon start building a portion of the wall. According to the governor, they will break ground filling a 1.7-mile gap between the parts of the wall built by the federal government. Biden canceled the border wall project almost immediately, leaving much of the border open and undefended.

In Texas, though, they will be fixing that grave error, by building a wall of their own. The plan is to ultimately build an eight-mile extension of Trump’s border wall. The first stretch will begin being built soon.

Democrats scoffed at Trump’s plans as soon as he announced them. But as the wall went up, we saw that it worked. Democrats were humiliated when we saw migrants and criminal aliens try to scale the wall but fail. Border agents revealed the areas secured by the wall were far safer than others.

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