Texas Just Cut President Biden And His Feds Out – The Lone Star State Unveils Chain Link Fence And Arrests

Plenty has been said about Joe Biden’s border crisis. But the problem is only getting worse.

Estimates suggest nearly one million migrants have tried to cross into the country. Another million might come by the year’s end.

Border states have called on Biden to end the crisis. His administration has ignored them.

Texas vowed to do what it could to protect American citizens. The governor promised to step up actions to discourage border jumpers.

Now, they are going to cut Biden out of the equation.

From The Western Journal:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has reportedly launched the construction of his state’s own fence along the southern border in an effort to slow the border crisis and “cut the feds out of the equation.”

“I asked what a chain link fence is going to stop?” Fox L.A. reporter Bill Melugin tweeted on Tuesday. “Texas [Department of Public Safety] tells me the idea is to cut the feds out of the equation. No trespass signs allow them to arrest on local charges. Instead of calling Border Patrol, they will take migrants to jail for violating Texas law.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been constructing a fencing system along the border to prevent entry from Mexico.

The system is not the same as Trump’s border wall project. That sparked some critics to ask “What’s the point?”

Abbott explained that by erecting a fencing system, with signs warning not to trespass, Texas is cutting Biden out of the equation.

Abbott has played out the calculation and figured out a way for Texas to defend its own border, while Biden does nothing.

Texas cannot deport border jumpers. And relying on the federal government to keep the border safe hasn’t worked.

But if they put up their own fencing and warn outsiders against trespassing, they have the authority to arrest anyone that tries to enter.

Abbott explained Texas law enforcement won’t need to call on Border Patrol under those circumstances. Texas police can apprehend these criminals and deal with them on their own.

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The governor had previously warned would-be border jumpers that if they’re caught by Texas authorities, they would face prosecution. That could lead to up to one year in jail.

Do migrants want to risk facing a year of jail—just to enter the United States?

Clearly, Abbott is taking steps to discourage border jumpers before they try to get in. Something Biden refuses to do.

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