Texas Just Stood Up To Russia – Governor Abbott Is Fed Up So He Asks Stores To Stop Selling Russian Products

Over the last week, the world has watched as Russia marched into Ukraine—almost completely unopposed. The brave people of Ukraine have been fighting relentlessly to stop the invasion. Yet world leaders—who were quick to condemn Russia—seem to be sitting on the sidelines. That’s particularly true for Joe Biden—whose sanctions don’t seem to be doing their job.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the country are sitting on their hands. Patriots, unwilling to let Putin’s invasion go unanswered, are doing what they can to stand by Ukraine. In Texas, the governor is taking steps to send a message to Putin and his army. And it’s going to hit Russia in the pocketbook.

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From Daily Wire:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott urged his state’s retailers on Saturday to voluntarily remove Russian products from shelves following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, noting, “Texas stands with Ukraine.”

In an earlier post on Saturday, Abbott also celebrated the leadership of Ukraine’s president for remaining in his country and arguing the U.S. needs energy independence.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is urging Texas stores and retailers to remove Russian-made products as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine. While this might not send Putin running for the hills, it is a strong message of where Texas stands in this growing conflict. And for some products, could put a dent in Russia’s overseas revenue.

You might not be wearing a shirt made in Russia. But every bar in Texas is most likely selling vodka from Russia. Viral videos have shown bar owners all over the world pouring out their Russian-made vodka in a sign of support for Ukraine. Those retailers in Texas who follow Abbott’s advice, both stores and bars, might do the same.

In addition to this, the governor is pushing for American energy independence. Already the war in Ukraine has hit Americans in a sensitive area: the growing cost of fuel. In just the last few days, gas prices have jumped by twenty cents or more. This is due to Biden’s sanctions on Russia, which are further limiting our sources for fuel.

How are we to permanently end these rising prices and also cut off funds flowing into Russia? By drilling for more oil and gas in this country. Under Trump, we were truly energy independent. We can be that way again if Biden stops fighting our energy industry. He would need to reverse “green” policies that are tying our hands and sending cash overseas.

If Biden really cared about helping Americans and hurting Russia, he’d do just that. But I’m not holding my breath waiting.

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