Texas Political Leader Just Switched Parties – Democrats Get Abandoned For Republicans By Texas Rep. Guillen

For years, Democrats have tried to flip red states blue. But thanks to Biden, it seems like what control liberals do have in the states is starting to erode. We’ve seen that first hand this month, as Republicans upset the left by winning major races in the blue state of Virginia.

But changes are coming even to the Lone Star State. Much of South Texas has been under Democrat control for years. That seems to be changing, as Biden’s open border is outraging many locals. We’ve seen Hispanic voters give the GOP several key wins recently. And now, one of the left’s own is jumping ship.

From The Texan:

Without even winning a race, Texas Republicans have increased their ranks by one this week as Rep. Ryan Guillen of Rio Grande City announced his switch to the Republican Party.

The now-former Democrat, who’s served in the Texas House since 2003, announced the party affiliation switch in Floresville, the Wilson County seat on Monday morning…

“Something is happening in South Texas. Many of us are waking up to the fact that the values in Washington D.C. are not our values in South Texas,” Guillen said.

Ryan Guillen, state representative from South Texas, announced he was leaving the Democrats to join the GOP. In his announcement, he blasted Democrats in D.C. for not sharing in the “values” of South Texas residents. It’s hard not to believe he is referring to Biden and his failed agenda.

To the shock of many Democrats, voters in South Texas (a largely Hispanic population) are ditching the left to vote for Republicans. The GOP has scored several key wins in recent special elections. It appears Hispanic Americans (you know, actual citizens) don’t appreciate Biden opening the flood gates to migrants, border jumpers, drug cartels, and others.

These people have been living in America for generations, some of their families were here since before the founding of Texas. And they are watching their homes, communities, and cities become overrun with outsiders who do not share their traditions and values.

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Why did Biden not realize this? For years, Democrats have tried so hard (and spent millions of dollars) trying to flip Texas blue. They claimed all their work has made the state “purple.” But if recent elections are any indication, they are failing to even hold onto the areas they thought they controlled.

It’s not every day someone switches parties. But recently, it’s been happening more and more. Only one way, though. Democrats who embrace American values are getting sick and tired of Biden and his mad dash to the left.

Don’t be surprised if we hear of more Democrats changing parties in the coming years.

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