Texas Pressures Supreme Court By Passing Major Law – Governor Abbott Just Locked In Constitutional Right For Most Vulnerable

In the fight to preserve our values and freedoms, it has fallen to states to take up the charge.

With D.C. back in the hands of the swamp (for now), conservative governors need to step up and challenge the federal government.

We are happy to say many state leaders are doing just that. Governors across the country are pushing back against Biden’s tide of socialism.

In Texas, they have scored numerous wins in recent months against the left’s agenda. And the governor, Greg Abbott, just signed a bill that would be a massive victory for conservatives.

All it would take is a Supreme Court decision.

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The most precious freedom of all is life itself.

Today I signed #HB1280. Under this law, the moment Roe v. Wade is overturned abortions will be outlawed in Texas.

Texas will always foster a culture of life.

Thanks to @AngelaPaxtonTX & @VoteGiovanni.

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, just signed into law a bill that would outlaw abortion in Texas.

The deciding factor is if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. And that is a very real possibility.

In the next Supreme Court season, a case will be heard that touches on this old ruling. The current court could make a decision that either invalidates Roe v. Wade or limits its power.

If they do, this Texas law goes into effect, making it the very first state to ban this practice.

We should expect other conservative states to follow very quickly. Many Republican-led states have passed laws in recent years that support pro-life views.

The only thing preventing them from totally banning this practice is the aging Supreme Court ruling from the 1970s.

We can’t predict how the court will decide this crucial case. In recent months, the court has been split.

In some cases, the conservative majority has upheld the Constitution. In other cases, they have caved to the left.

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