Texas Strikes Historic Deal for Border Barrier – For The First Time New Fencing Will Go Through Tribal Lands

The southern border crisis has been in full swing for nearly a year now, as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began reporting rising numbers not long after Joe Biden took office.

According to many border authorities, the situation worsened as the year went on. Some say the border has actually broken in some spots, and the encounter and arrest stats have skyrocketed.

But the state of Texas continues to take big strides to fix the problem.

Throughout much of 2021, state Governor Greg Abbott came down hard on the Biden administration for failing to address the crisis. In fact, Texas and other states filed several lawsuits over the matter.

However, Texas says they’ve received very little help in regards to the weakening border.

That’s why they’ve been forced to take historic steps to protect their residents. This includes erecting a border barrier of their own, an idea which has gained funding and traction.

Now, they’ve struck a historic deal that should also help — and it proves that many different citizens want that protection.

From Breitbart:

A new section of border fence is expected to go up locally as the result of a partnership between the State and the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas.

The new section, constructed by the Texas Military Department, will be located south of Eagle Pass on tribal lands.

This is officially part of Operation Lone Star, the state program designed to address the spiraling border crisis.

And though the scope of this new fence project wasn’t revealed, it’s significant because there has never been a border barrier through these tribal lands in Texas.

Said Captain Joel Betancourt:

The border crisis has impacted the tribal reservation significantly.

The tribal council has for the first time allowed a government to construct security fencing on the reservation.

The Kickapoo reservation is located on the banks of the Rio Grande, where the tribe owns a casino and operates a pecan orchard. They also own ranches in Texas and Mexico.

Border Patrol says this tribe has always been a strong advocate for border security, and have allowed officials to place surveillance equipment on their lands. In other words, they don’t get in the way of the law.

And obviously, they’re interested in protecting their members from the onslaught of non-citizens flooding across the border.

While the source says the tribe is “sympathetic to the economic plight of migrants,” they also acknowledge the necessity for security. It’s a matter of safety for those living on the reservation.

So far, Operation Lone Star has moved 10,000 National Guard troops and hundreds of Highway Patrol officers to assist at the border.

This is another example of cooperation from a Texas organization, and it speaks to the citizen desire for security and law enforcement. And it’s precisely what Republican leaders have been pushing.

On the flip side, Democrats continue to claim the border situation is overblown, and promote ideas like amnesty and other migrant assistance programs.

However, that isn’t stopping the flood of unregistered migrants and many southern state leaders are frustrated. If the government doesn’t enforce existing immigration law, the issue will remain.

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