Texas Trump Judge Just Ruled On Biden Mandate – He Says Joe’s Federal Worker Mandate Is “Too Broad”

It’s 2022 and the year is shaping up to be even worse for Joe Biden than 2021. He hit the ground with a blitz of failures. His major legislation failed in the Senate.

The Supreme Court ruled against some of his policies. And it’s possible a future ruling from the court will have Biden and Democrats reeling for decades to come.

But the hits just keep coming. One of Biden’s infamous mandates has been challenged at a federal court. This mandate forces federal employees to choose between their liberties or their jobs. It was one of many mandates Biden pushed that outraged Americans.

And a Trump-appointed federal judge just gave Biden the bad news. From the New York Post:

A Texas federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s order for federal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in the latest setback to the administration’s pandemic response.

The ruling by Judge Jeffrey Brown stated that the order “amounts to a presidential mandate that all federal employees consent to vaccination against COVID-19 or lose their jobs.”

Judge Jeffrey Brown, a Trump appointee, blocked Biden’s mandate against federal employees. He wrote that the mandate amounts to workers choosing to obey Biden or lose their jobs. Brown wrote that Biden does not have that kind of “broad” authority. And he pointed to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Biden’s private company mandate as precedent.

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This is yet another setback for Biden, who appeared to put his radical agenda ahead of the will of Americans. His mandates were particularly unpopular with people. After he announced them, his approval rating nosedived, never to recover.

The amount of energy and resources his administration is putting into defending his mandates is even more shocking. Why isn’t he doing this much work to defend our border? Or end the supply chain crisis? Or lower inflation? Or end the crime wave sweeping over blue cities?

We can’t say. But we do know that Biden has spent the last year pushing a progressive agenda that is not in line with most Americans’ priorities. In every poll we read, Americans are giving Biden a failing grade on inflation, the jobs market, and other economic issues.

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