‘The Great Re-Sorting’ Just Reshaped America – Mass Exodus Sends Blue State Citizens Fleeing To Red States

It’s no secret that the last few years opened the eyes of many Americans. The 2020 crisis, among other issues, revealed the stark contrast between how Democrats govern and how Republicans governor. And that contrast was never felt more than at the state level.

Thanks to blue governors, millions of Americans suffered from lockdowns, job-killing mandates, and anti-cop policies that saw crime surge. This was happening in heavily-conjected blue states that already had sky-high taxes and costs of living.

But in an end where anyone can work from home, why would hard-working Americans put up with that? So, as Ben Shapiro calls it, the “Great Re-Sorting” began. And it shows no signs of stopping.

From Daily Wire:

Americans have been fleeing the most liberal states in mass numbers. Those numbers are about to increase even more.

Between July 2020 and July 2021, approximately 352,1985 residents of New York State embarked for warmer climes. Over that same period, the District of Columbia lost 2.9 percent of its population. California lost 367,299 people via net domestic migration. Illinois, another failing blue state, saw a net domestic out-migration of 122,460 people.

Where did all these blue state refugees go? To red states, of course. Texas picked up 170,307 Americans migrating from other areas. Florida picked up 220,890 people. Arizona picked up 93,026. Idaho had the fastest annual population increase in the nation.

Democrats in blue cities and states continue to push radical policies that put American prosperity in jeopardy. In New York, they approved a rule that will allow non-Americans to vote.

In California, they are set to double taxes to provide government-run health care. This might not be a problem to out-of-touch, rich liberals. But to many Americans, these are the straws that broke the camel’s back.

From 2020 to 2021, hundreds of thousands of Americans fled blue states to relocate to the South. The re-sorting has been so dramatic, states like Illinois and California are losing House seats. Meanwhile, Texas and other red states are seeing their House seats increase. It’s no mystery why this is happening.

Democrats are bending over backward to make Americans’ lives miserable. They almost seem hellbent on rewarding outsiders and lawbreakers, while punishing law-abiding citizens.

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Americans in blue states have had to put up with one ridiculous move after another. In red states, Americans enjoy low taxes and favorable climates for businesses.

Republican states got rid of lockdowns and mandates a long time ago. You don’t need to wear a mask to get a cup of coffee. And you can actually count on people working at your local stores and restaurants.

It’s getting so bad in L.A., that some people are just abandoning their homes (because nobody will buy them).

What will this mean for the future? We’d like to say that these state leaders will wake up and change their agenda. But we know better. Perhaps the voters who stick around will bother to choose some new folks?

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