The Squad Turns Hard Against Biden At SOTU – They Shout During Speech Refuse To Stand On Fund The Police Wear ‘18,000 Shirt’

Biden’s poor State of the Union address was met with heavy criticism from Republicans. They even booed him during the speech, after he made a false claim about Trump’s tax cuts. Today, many of them are picking apart his botched performance, as the world watches in dismay. But they weren’t the only ones going for Joe’s throat.

It’s no secret that Biden has been bowing to the radical left since day one. The so-called moderate has embraced far-left policies on the environment, energy, social programs, immigration, and spending. It seems he’s ignoring the average American to please the radicals. Yet not even these leftists are happy with him. And they let him know last night.

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From Daily Wire:

At least three members of the far-Left “Squad” on Tuesday night sat in their seats when President Joe Biden promised to fund the police and denounced the radical “defund the police” movement that once seemed mainstream in the Democratic Party…

Bush even reportedly shouted during that section of the speech.

And it seems these radicals are finding new ways to protest old Joe.

From Fox News:

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., an outspoken member of the progressive House “Squad” who favors efforts to defund police, is hoping to earn the attention of President Biden through her choice of attire for his State of the Union address.

“My State of the Union fit,” Bush wrote in a tweet, which included a photo of the congresswoman donning a red t-shirt with the number 18,000 written across it.

It seems Biden is losing the radical left, the one group he bent over backward to please. We’re not sure why the “squad” is suddenly against Joe. It’s not as if he’s suddenly become a moderate again, supporting capitalistic policies that are helping the economy. The border’s still open. Inflation is still out of control. Biden still wants to spend trillions of our money on wasteful programs. And he keeps American energy production shut down.

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Yet the far left must be fearing a change within the party. Democrats are sure to lose big this November. So, the socialists among them are doubling down on their radical ideas, hoping to pressure Biden to go down with the ship. AOC and her cronies refused to stand up when Biden supported funding for police—an issue he’s struggled to maintain control over.

Cori Bush, a woman who once said Americans need to just “deal with” the spiking crime thanks to defunding, wore a shirt that read “18,000.” Apparently, it was a half-hearted nod to criminal justice reform. Shockingly, that’s how many people are demanding pardons from the president.

Good luck, Cori. I doubt Biden was even able to read your shirt, let alone consider clemency for drug dealers, murderers, and worse.

But it is fascinating to see the far left turn on Biden. At this point, his only ally seems to be Nancy Pelosi! That’s pretty bad.

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