The Supreme Court Is Under Siege Again – Elizabeth Warren Ignores Expert Panel Pushes For Court Packing

When Donald Trump appointed his record-setting third Supreme Court justice, Democrats panicked. The court now enjoys a 6-3 conservative majority. To offset this reasonable situation, progressives called for radical changes to the court. The biggest is packing justices onto the bench until they had a huge liberal majority.

I guess Democrats don’t mind unbalanced majorities—when they benefit from them.

Joe Biden tried to set the stage for such a change. But his own commission refused to recommend any changes to the court. That was a massive blow to the left’s agenda. But one far-left socialist is undaunted. And she’s pushing for court packing once again.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is backing legislation to expand the Supreme Court, accusing Republicans of hijacking the tribunal to subvert democracy.

Warren announced Tuesday that she will add her name to a court-packing bill that Democrats introduced in April. That legislation would add four seats to the High Court, bringing the total number of justices from 9 to 13.

Oh, it’s just Elizabeth Warren supporting this court-packing bill? We should be okay. This motion could only be less credible if Bernie Sanders spear-headed it. Warren, ignoring the advice of Biden’s own court commission, is putting her name to a bill that would increase the court to thirteen justices.

How convenient. That would give Biden four justices to appoint, erasing the three-justice majority conservatives have right now.

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How petty can liberals get?

Warren is hardly the most respected senator on Capitol Hill. Most of her time is spent whining about rich people on Twitter, where she gets roasted by the likes of Elon Musk. She hung in during the Democratic presidential primaries just long enough to steal votes from Sanders, only to drop out and give Biden a boost. She’s hardly the person people look to for sound guidance on our courts.

This bill does not have much chance at passing. It will probably not even make it to debate on the Senate floor. Moderate Democrats along with Republicans are unlikely to give it the time of day. But at least we know Warren is still out there, completely detached from reality.

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